College History

Introduction :

Tibetan Medical and Astrological College was founded in 2nd June, 1961 under the auspicious guidance of H.H. the XIVth Dalai Lama. The main aim and objective is to preserve the rich and ancient system of traditional Tibetan medicine and Astrological science, and to impart the knowledge on these fields to the younger Tibetan generation.

TMAC opens admission once in every five-year. The candidates should have good command in Tibetan language. The candidates are selected on merit wise through an entrance test. A minimum mark required in the entrance test is 50%. There is a quota of three seats for the Himalayan and other non-Tibetan candidates. However, there is no exception with regard to the entrance test. At present, the 14th medical batch and 7th Astrology batch is going on. They are in their final year. The 15th batch of medical students began their first year session in March (2007). The 16th batch medical students and 8th batch of Astrology students shall start their first year session in March (2008). The selection is already done. The next session will be informed when the official notice is declared. In the 37th
Governing Body Meeting of Men-Tsee-Khang, a resolution was passed where Tibetan Medical and Astrology Institute, decided to collect tuition fee from the students w.e.f. the 15th medical batch (2007) and 8th Astrology batch (2008). However, five scholarships are earmarked for the legitimate financially down trodden Tibetan candidates. This shall also be done on the merit basis from among the poor candidates. All candidates should have class XII Certificate from India or Tibet as well as any other country. Tibetan medical and astrology course is for five-years plus one year internship. Non-Tibetans candidates from a foreign country should manage their six-year student visa by themselves. Note that, this college is not in a position to help with the visa matter.


  1. Updated Indian Registration Certificate, (copy of the first and the last page.)
  2. Updated Tibetan Green Book, (copy of the first and the last page.)
  3. Transfer and character certificate.
  4. AISSE/ Class XII Certificate.
  5. Medical fitness certificate from a recognized medical doctor.
  6. Age limit 18-25.
REQUISITION FOR Himalayan and Non-Tibetan
  1. A support letters from your any government office or any office of the H.H. the Dalai Lama.
  2. AISSC/ Class XII Certificate.
  3. Medical fitness certificate from a recognized medical doctor.
  4. Age limit 18-25.


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